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Your custom solution for in-home postpartum support, sleep consulting, and newborn care. Providing in-home support, sleep consultations, and postpartum care for families across the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.


Angie’s love, adoration, and passion of babies are evident in her work over the past 24 years and in all that she does. As a Mom of 6, it has been my life long passion to come beside empowering, educating, and supporting families through postpartum and newborn stage in a holistic manner. It is my honor to support and advocate for each family uniquely. I listen, guide, and empower , tending to the environment and energy of the home . I am the quiet voice right behind you, the calm hands supporting you.

I want to encourage you with the decisions you make, without judgment. holding space for you, providing guidance when you need it or taking a step back when you want to take the lead. I consider it the highest honor to support the work you’re capable of.

Angie Lerew, Newborn Care Specialist, Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Instead, I found out that motherhood is a “you bake it, you take it” kind of deal. The hospital doesn’t even give you a receipt, just your baby and a diaper bag full of welcome coupons. Unfortunately, fifty cents off wet wipes and a visit from the OB 6 weeks later doesn’t give you enough working knowledge to take care of your new tiny human. I remember trying to call my doc at 3 AM in a sleep-deprived, hormonal blur for instructions on how to calm my colicky baby.

It was overwhelming. I needed support, wisdom, and guidance

Since then, I have been blessed to experience that sense of newness four more times. After each birth, I learned anew how raw and tender the postpartum experience is and how critical it is for moms to have a reliable support system.

After giving birth to twins, I decided to blend my strengths as both a nanny and a mother to assist new parents during this wonderfully exciting, exhausting, and emotional time.

As a Newborn Care Specialist, I give parents the confidence to successfully and joyfully navigate the many aspects of postpartum care. I provide hands-on, in-home guidance in swaddling, sleep and soothing techniques, breastfeeding and bottle support, and so much more.

My role as your Newborn Care Specialist is to honor your unique family culture, beliefs, values, and philosophies by providing a customized and personal postpartum experience. I am passionate about serving my clients with kindness and respect, supporting the well-being and safety of your entire family with the highest level of postpartum care.


Stephanie Millburn

Angie was my dream come, true nanny. Reliable, trustworthy, loving, & kind. She provided a nanny service for my twins until the toddler stage. My family and I absolutely adore and recommend Nurturing Nest Newborn Care. As an experienced mom, she went beyond her nanny duties by sharing tips to me as a new mom that I found to be priceless.

Jamie Robicheaux

Angie was a wonderful night nanny to our first child and provided compassionate and loving guidance to us as new parents when we approached sleep training. Angie is positive, warm, and comforting (both for babies and stressed new parents!) We are now expecting our second child and are planning to use Angie again. We highly highly recommend her for any parent looking for help in those taxing the first few months.

Rachel Bruno

Angie has been taking care of our twin boys 3 times a week since February (they were about a week or 2 old) and is staying until the end of July. We were so nervous about letting someone else handle them but knew we couldn’t do it without the help. She has been more than just a “babysitter”, she truly cares about our boys and has offered us her expertise where we really needed it. She is 100% reliable, always cleans up after a night with the babies, and asks how their days were between her visits. We would have been lost without her and will be so sad when her time with our family is up!

Morgan McNeely Miller

We absolutely ADORE Angie and could not recommend her and her services enough! She stepped in to help us with our first baby after we’d had an awful experience with a different night nurse and was an absolute lifesaver. Not only is she compassionate, kind, and patient, but she’s also extremely knowledgeable, professional, and just as much a ‘new parent specialist’ as she is a newborn care specialist. Aside from helping with sleep, Angie also on her very first night with us noticed our daughter very likely had tongue/lip/cheek ties and with her help and doctor recommendations, all ties were diagnosed and released in a matter of days and our little one was healed and eating + sleeping better than ever. All in all, my husband and I could not have valued Angie’s time, help and guidance more. And our little one absolutely LOVES her Miss Angie!! There’s truly no one else we’d ever consider bringing in for newborn and/or infant care.

Brett Burchett

Angie has been a blessing to our entire family! I could not imagine getting through these first four months without her. She has truly cared for and loved on my baby like she was her own. Her knowledge is bar none. She is like Google for babies! My daughter has had severe feeding issues and Angie walked beside us the entire time; guiding us, comforting us, and helping us take steps toward our daughter’s advancement. Angie knows so many providers in the area, it was great to see people that were already vetted and trusted. She is now a true family member in our household and I highly recommend her!

Amanda Presley-Knox

We love Angie! She is the true Mary Poppins for newborns. She’s a wealth of knowledge on all things newborn care, support with breastfeeding and overall help to keep our house functioning in such a delicate time. Angie takes the time to get to learn about the family and adapting to their needs. She goes above and beyond to help support and integrate into the whole family. Her holistic approach to care is so helpful. I cannot recommend her enough.

Newborn Care Specialist

You deserve to experience postpartum bliss.

Life after birth is a tender season in which mom needs time to recover and rejuvenate in the midst of caring for her newborn. Sleepless nights, unpredictable hormones, exasperated, bleary, and often unsure early days, and frustrating routines don’t have to be your new normal.

Newborn Care Specialists (NCS) provide several levels of overnight care to help you and your newborn peacefully navigate postpartum life. You might have known the term “night nurse or baby nurse” that was once commonly used, but most aren’t actually “registered nurses”. Newborn Care Specialists are specifically trained to support both mother and baby in the form of tending to a newborn’s nightly needs, while also passing on expert knowledge and tips to parents.

As a certified NCS, Pediatric Sleep Specialist, and mother, my goal is to help clients transition into postpartum life with ease and confidence. I spend anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months with my clients to help establish safe and healthy routines that will benefit both mom and baby.

Throughout my time with your family, I assist in the following areas:
  • Lactation support for mom
  • Overnight care of baby
  • Bottle feeding, bathing, diapering
  • Specialized sleep training
  • Establishing health routines
  • Detection of common newborn health issues such as colic and jaundice
  • Establishing nighttime routines
  • Customized training and education for parents
  • Prepping the nursery
Through overnight care and practical training, I help parents get the knowledge they deserve and the sleep they need to experience harmony and connection within the household.

Pediatric Sleep Specialist

Sleep is essential to the health of both newborns and parents. Consistent rest helps keep postpartum depression and anxiety at bay, and it all starts with establishing great sleeping habits for your baby.

With over 22 years of experience, I help parents establish gentle sleep patterns that cater to your baby’s age, temperament, and even your unique parenting style.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to sleep training, which is why I consult with parents to develop a gentle, customized approach. I coach you and your partner to uncover the best and most tender way to help your child fall asleep on his or her own and sleep for long stretches at night. In the end, you and your baby get the rest you need.


Newborn Care Specialist Certification  • Pediatric Sleep Specialist Course • CPR/First Aid • Positive Discipline Training for Early Childhood Educations • Caring For a Child with Special Needs • Breastfeeding & Bonding

Favorite Things

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every new parent received a personalized list of useful newborn tools, toys, and gadgets? Welcome to my list of favorite things! This is my gift to you—a collection of tools both practical and fun that make parenting easier.

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